Kitchen Caravans

A Kitchen Caravan is essentially a kitchen on wheels where food can be prepared and served fresh – anyplace, anytime! The Kitchen Caravan has significantly evolved with respect to design, innovation and amenities since its inception in 1987. The GourmIndia Kitchen Caravans today are multi-functional vehicles extensively used for:

  • Indian Group Catering
  • Movie and TV catering across Europe
  • Pop-Up Restaurants at events
  • Food trucks at weddings and private parties
  • Snack Bars at corporate meetings and so much more!

The most unique feature of a Kitchen Caravan is the flexibility that enables us to cater at venues that otherwise might seem impossible or inaccessible. Today Gourmindia is proud to boast a fleet of over 15 Kitchen Caravans!


GourmIndia pioneered the concept of Kitchen Caravans right from the establishment of the company. The need for Kitchen caravans emerged from the demand to provide freshly prepared Indian food to Indian Group Travellers.

GourmIndia designed and manufactured its first Kitchen Caravan in 1987. The idea was simple; A mobile kitchen that would accompany the Coach Tours across Europe and serve authentic Indian meals to the travellers.