In 1990, GourmIndia teamed up with the first Indian corporate event in Europe as their hospitality partner in Hanover, Germany. Since then GourmIndia has executed numerous events of varying magnitudes, always challenging and pushing boundaries to create unique events in Europe. From catering atop Glaciers in Iceland, to cruise ships in the Mediteranean, to dining inside Caves in Belgium; GourmIndia has consistently succeeded in executing the client’s vision!  So, whatever your event requirements are, we have a gastronomy solution for you.

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From grand celebrations to intimate gatherings, make your wedding day special with GourmIndia. We understand how important this day is to the couple and we make sure that every little gastronomy detail is looked after. Be it a week long celebration, a destination wedding, lake-front venues, pre-wedding parties, partnering with iconic hotels, we have done it all! With GourmIndia you will have one less thing to worry about on your big day.

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Partner with GourmIndia to arrange a meeting, entertain your colleagues or host a business party like no other! Our expertise in corporate events also extends to corporate Incentive holidays and MICE tours. From the first MICE group in 1990 – till today, GourmIndia pioneers the Corporate Events sector in Europe with destinations such as Italy, Germany, Czech Republic, Iceland, Netherlands, Belgium, Switzerland, Portugal, etc. At GourmIndia, there is no brief we cannot accommodate!

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A birthday, anniversary, family get-together or special meeting with friends – we at GourmIndia believe that every occasion is special. Our team will work closely with you to make your event unique and memorable! Choose from one of our packages or curate your own menu, book one of our restaurants or dine at your desired location; we at GourmIndia are happy to cater to all your needs.

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